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    Biblical Financial advice aimed to free you from fear and give you hope for the future.


We know what it’s like to need relief
from your financial burdens.

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Housing Counseling
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Move from being overwhelmed by financial chaos

to calmly accomplishing your goals.

Stop being stuck in place and unable to move forward, leading to financial ruin and worse, never living the life you want to live.

 Instead, experience financial confidence, be prepared for your future by saving and having the financial strength that you need.

How are we different?


  • Learn to manage their finances according to Biblical Principles.
  • We understand you want to fix your financial situation.
  • Stop feeling hopeless, ashamed, defeated and paralyzed by fear.

No one should be stuck in this cycle of financial failure.


  • Join more than 7,000 others who have become financially confident and prepared for the financial future they desire.
  • Avoid the failure of being stuck in place, unable to move forward and eventually ending in financial ruin.

Move from the stress of financial chaos to the peace of calmly accomplishing your financial goals.


  • Contact us, receive a personal consultation and an action plan designed to help you move forward.
  • Each unique plan outlines a combination of personal consultation and group education just for you.

Get Started today and complete your plan over three to twelve months leading to real results.


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