It All Belongs to Him

Last year, I listened as a friend explained this principle to a group of elementary aged children.  He was wearing a watch on his left arm.  The watch was shiny, made of gold and looked to be very expensive.  He asked for a volunteer and one bright eyed little girl raised her hand.  He asked her if she would like to hold the watch.  “Yes,” she said as she held out her little hands.  My friend placed the watch in her hands.  He then said, “This is still my watch.  I am letting you take care of it for me.  But, it still belongs to me.” Over the next several minutes, he would stop to check and see how his watch was doing. Each time, he

stopped by asking her, “Who’s watch is it?”  Each time she replied, “Yours.”

The lesson was simple and clear.  The little girl was given the responsibility to care for the watch; she was reminded often that the watch did not belong to her; the owner was always nearby.

Not so for me.  I forgot this simple message.

It is easy to think it belongs to me, after all I worked for it…

It is easy to forget because God does not tap me on the shoulder reminding me every few minutes…

It is easy to forget that God is always nearby.  The noise of the world and the things I see with my eyes can blind me to a clear view of the Lord…

But there is still help for me.  I invite you to Be Transformed (Romans 12:2) by the Word of God.  Psalm 24:1 declares, “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it.  The world and all its people belong to Him.”

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