"The only way you will ever permanently take control of your financial life is to dig deep and fix the root problem."

Suze Orman

Financial Management Overview

The Financial Management Overview is a series of 12 classes that are based on the Money Smart Curriculum.  Each topic is designed to provide financial information and to increase your financial knowledge.  Topics include:

  • Your Money, Values and Influences
  • You Can Bank On It
  • Your Income and Expenses
  • Your Spending and Saving Plan
  • Your Savings
  • Credit Reports and Scores
  • Borrowing Basics
  • Managing Debt
  • Using Credit Cards
  • Building Your Financial Future
  • Protecting Your Identity and Other Assets
  • Making Housing Decisions
  • Buying a Home
  • Disasters – Financial Preparation and Recovery

You will learn the basics of budgeting, credit and debt and the other topics so that you can get started on your way.  The detailed classes will be there for you when the time is right.


Join us each month to study a financial management topic.  Check out the calendar if you need a more detailed class or if you want to work directly with a financial coach.

The class is held at our office in Smyrna, TN.  We begin at 6:00 pm and finish at 7:30 pm.

Click Schedule Now to register for the class.  Select the date, enter your information, then receive your email confirmation.  You will receive a reminder email the day before the class.

See you soon!