Recognize Him

In Luke 24:13-35, two of Jesus’ followers walked along the way. Then Jesus joined them as they walked, but the two did not recognize him (God kept them from recognizing Him).  “Sadness was written across their faces.”  Jesus asked what they were talking about, and the followers shared what happened in the past days. They hoped that Jesus was the Messiah, but He was crucified.  The women said Jesus was alive.  Two other followers went to the grave and found it empty. Jesus explained the Scriptures told about Him and predicted those things. At just the right time, they sat, Jesus broke the bread and their eyes opened. They recognized Him!

What does that have to do with me?

I thought about Jesus telling His followers exactly what would happen. Although they didn’t fully understand at the time, He told them. Then when it happened, they missed it and were full of sadness. I thought about those things to come that God says will happen – you know – those promises that are coming, but have not arrived yet? What God promises will happen even if I don’t yet know all the details. I’ll wait, allow the plan to unfold. And when it does, I want to be sure to recognize the plan.  I do not want to miss it.

Lord, please keep me from being sad while I am waiting. Don’t let me miss You. Instead, let me watch every moment for all You do in and around me – and let me join you in that work – even while I wait.

Thank you for your faithful love and for walking with us. Thank You for revealing Yourself to us at just the right time. You know exactly what is ahead and when it will be best to show it to us.  You are never early or late.  Instead, You are always on time in keeping your promises.  Adjust our focus so we recognize both You and Your promises.